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How to care for Human Hair Wigs in Summer

Human Hair Wigs

With the change in temperature from warm to hot in summer, some lifestyle changes are necessary. And this includes how you wear and care for your human hair wigs. This article offers tips on how to care for human hair wigs in summer so you can catch all the summer fun but keep your wigs in good condition. Let’s get started.

Human Hair Wigs

4 Ways to Care for your Human Hair Wigs during Summer

  1. Clean and moisturise

Summer is the hottest season of the year, meaning you’re prone to sweating a lot more this season. Therefore, your wigs would need more frequent cleansing than in other seasons.

Plus, washing your wig would help to prevent product buildup from all that anti-humidity spray you use on your wigs. Don’t forget to moisturise with a good conditioner after shampooing, to avoid damage from tangling and keep your wig silky soft.

  1. Avoid exposing your wigs to direct sunlight for long periods

The sun is inevitable during summer but exposure to direct sunlight for a long time can damage your wigs by causing them to dry and lose colour. To minimize sun exposure, use a scarf or a hat. And if you cannot wear either, spray on a UV protectant.

Human Hair Wigs
  1. Store your wigs in a cool, dry place

Where you store your wig can shorten its lifespan if it is damp or exposed to direct sunlight. You can use any wig storage option you possess, but ensure its location is away from direct sunlight, cool, and dry.

  1. Avoid swimming with your human hair wig

Swimming might be the best summer activity but it isn’t safe for human hair wigs. The chlorine in a pool or salt water in natural water bodies can dry out and damage your wigs. Water can also ruin the HD lace used in making most human hair wigs. If you have to go underwater with your wig on, ensure to do so with a snug-fitting swim/shower cap.

  1. Restyle your wig

If you don’t have several wigs, you should style your wig to match the season. Some may colour their wigs a few shades lighter since darker colours attract more heat. Blonde wigs are a favourite in this regard. As for the length of a summer wig, short wigs are most preferred for curbing the heat.

During summer, opt for heatless styles, since using hot styling tools (hot combs, curlers, and stretchers) can dry out your wigs causing them to become brittle.

Human Hair Wigs
  1. Wear more updos

Shortening your wig length is long-term. So, wearing your long wigs in updo styles is a great way to combat the summer heat even if you don’t want to alter the length of your wig.

Bottom Line

If you absolutely have to go out in the sun with your human hair wig this summer, invest in a cap liner to minimize contact with sweat. Also, aim for sitting in a shade or be sure to grab a hat wherever you go.

By avoiding wig-damaging habits and switching your hair to suit summer vibes, you can make your human hair wig a significant part of your fun summer experience. But if you’re looking for a more summer-friendly low-maintenance wig option, try synthetic wigs.

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