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6 Tips for wearing Human Hair Wigs Everyday

Wearing Human Hair Wigs

Work, style preference, or challenges with your natural hair can cause you to wear a human hair wig every day. If that is the case, you’d surely want to maintain your style and comfort even while wearing your wig. To help, in this article, we go over 6 tips for wearing human hair wigs every day.

Wearing Human Hair Wigs

6 Tips for Wearing Your Human Hair Wig Every Day

  1. Consider your lifestyle
  2. Ensure that the wig cap is your size
  3. Always use a cap liner
  4. Switch up your wigs
  5. Take it off before bed
  6. Don’t forget maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at these tips.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

The truth is – some lifestyles do not accommodate daily wearing a wig. If you do a lot of exercising daily, wearing a wig while you do so would cause your wig to dampen and get dirty from sweat. This would mean that your wig would need more frequent washing. And this will in turn affect how long the wig would last.

For corporate activities, school, or any other sedentary lifestyle, wearing a wig daily is more fitting and easier to manage.

Your lifestyle would also influence which wigs you should include in your daily-wear collection. For work, school, or other formal settings, you may need wigs in colours and styles that are not ‘loud’. However, if your lifestyle and daily activities allow you to be expressive, then you can stick with bright colours or any wig style that you prefer.

Wearing Human Hair Wigs
  1. Ensure that the wig cap is your size

Wearing hair extensions of any sort can get uncomfortable. This is something to consider if you’re going to wear a wig every day. So, to ensure that you’re comfortable with your wig on, you should get your wigs in a cap size that fits you.

This means that the cap should neither be too big nor too small. The average cap size is somewhere between 21.25 and 22.5 inches. If, after measuring your head circumference, you find that you need a bigger (or smaller) cap for your wigs, then make a custom order when buying wigs.

Remember that if your wig cap is too big, then the wig will continuously shift on your head and that can be distracting, even ruining your style. On the other hand, if it is too small, you can get a headache from wearing it daily.

  1. Always use a cap liner

Cap liners have a two-fold benefit. First, they help to keep your wig cap and base clean since they create a barrier between your scalp and the wig itself. This means that, with wig cap liners, you can stretch the period between washing your wigs.

In addition, wig cap liners add to your comfort while wearing wigs. They do this by securing your wig and keeping it in place as you go about your daily tasks. Thus, they’re a good addition to your wig accessories if you intend to wear human hair wigs daily.

  1. Switch up your wigs

Having a lifestyle that requires you to wear human hair wigs daily does not mean you have to wear only one wig. Switch it up.

You can wear one wig for a week and swap it with another wig for the next week. And within a week, you can switch up how you wear one wig. Whichever way, switching up your human hair wigs will eliminate monotony and help you elevate your style.

  1. Take it off before bed

Sleeping with your wig on can cause damage from friction and tangles. Plus, after wearing a wig throughout the day, nighttime is a good time to take a break and let your scalp breathe. Taking off your wig before going to sleep is, thus, beneficial for you, your natural hair, and your wig.

Wearing Human Hair Wigs
  1. Don’t forget maintenance

If you intend to use your human hair wig every day, you should bear in mind that such daily usage will impact its longevity. In that case, the best way to manage how quickly your wig wears out is proper maintenance.

Since you wear your wig daily, washing once a week will ensure that it is clean and does not become limp or dull. Using clean styling tools and proper storage will also help to keep the wig in good shape.


When done indifferently, wearing your wig daily can reduce its lifespan. This can cause it – and your entire appearance – to look shabby. On the other hand, following the tips in this article when you wear wigs daily can help you keep your wig in use for a long time. That way, you get to look elegant while wearing realistic human hair wigs daily.

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