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7 Wig Accessories Every Wig Owner Must Have

Wig Accessories

Wig accessories make wearing and caring for a wig much easier. While some accessories are simply decorative – clips, pins, stylish bands, etc. – others are essentials for any wig owner who seeks to take proper care of their wigs. So, let’s take a look at 7 wig accessories that every wig owner must have.

7 Must-Have Wig Accessories

  1. Wig brush

To eliminate tangles and properly style wigs, wig brushes are a must-have. Brushes are, however, best suited for straight and wavy wigs.

  1. Wide-tooth comb

A wide-tooth comb will come in handy when your wig is really tangled (to ease off knots before using a brush), especially with synthetic wigs. But as an alternative to brushes, wide-tooth combs specifically tend to curly and textured wigs.

  1. Wig cap

There are several benefits of wearing a quality wig cap beneath your wigs. They help to create a flat look by holding down your natural hair. And they make your wigs snug and well-fitted. Wig caps also act as a barrier between your scalp and your wig, thus protecting your wig from sweat. For these many reasons, a sturdy wig cap is a must-have.

  1. Silicone wig headband

Wig grips or headbands made of silicone help to secure your wigs and keep them in place, especially for glueless wigs. They also protect your edges from the constant friction between your wig.

Wig Accessories
  1. Wig glue

To install real hair wigs with frontal lace, wig glue ensures that the wig stays secure while the lace melts into your skin for a natural look. However, a wig glue would not be necessary if you get glueless fitted wigs. This is because these wigs are full lace and come with clips or combs that keep the wig secure.

  1. Wig stand

Placing your wig on a stand while styling makes the process easy and more efficient. And when you take off your wig at night, putting it on a stand will help to maintain its style. By reducing tangles and preserving your wig construction, wig stands prove to be a valuable accessory for real hair wigs.

  1. Wig storage bag

Wig bags are a great storage option since they are space-friendly and ensure that your wigs stay tangle-free, soft, and smooth. Although you can substitute a wig bag for other wig storage alternatives, wig bags tick all the boxes that proper storage for real hair wigs needs to have.


Real hair wigs need proper care and the wig accessories in this article can help you achieve that. So, as you shop for your wigs, don’t forget to add the essential wig accessories to your cart.

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