How to Wash Your Human Hair Wigs

How to Wash Your Human Hair Wigs

Washing your human hair wigs properly and regularly is an essential part (possibly the most important part) of maintaining your wigs. Thankfully, it is not as difficult as you might think. In this article, we outline the easy-to-follow steps you need to wash your real human hair wigs and keep them in good condition. First, […]

Best Short Human Hair Wigs 2022

Short Human Hair Wigs

No wig collection is ever truly complete without a short wig. Short human hair wigs are often edgy and are perfect for occasions when you’d rather have another aspect of your look, such as your jewelry, makeup or dress, as the centre of attraction. If you’re looking for short human hair wigs that are of […]

7 Ways to Switch Up Your Human Hair Wigs

Switch Up Your Human Hair Wigs

It’s amazing how many ways you can style and wear one human hair wig. That has always been a huge advantage of human hair wigs over synthetic wigs. You get so many styling options with one wig and this makes it perfect for people who love trying new looks. If you’ve ever wondered what to […]

How to Store your human hair wigs

If you own one or more human hair wig, you must have wondered what the best way to store it is. Besides the fact that it doesn’t look good or organised to leave your hair just anywhere in the house, maintaining the quality of the hair is one good reason to properly store your human […]

How Long Will a Human Hair Wig Last?

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been wearing wigs for quite a while, it’s only natural to wonder how long the wig you’re buying would last. After all, no one wants to invest in hair – or anything – that wouldn’t last and result in a loss. So, in this article, we answer one of […]

The Ultimate guide to buying wigs online in 2022

buying a wig 2022

The best thing about buying wigs or anything online is that it is so convenient and you have access to soooo many options. But buying wigs online comes with its challenges – how can you tell what kind of wigs to buy or which have the best quality? Where should you even look to see […]