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If you are thinking about buying a wig for the first time, this guide is for you! Wigs are amazing accessories which glamour up your look instantly. They protect your hair from all the damage of styling and are a great way to minimize effort in your look. The best thing about wigs is, they come in a plethora of styles, colors and sizes. This gives you a lot of options to choose from and a lot of great ways to make your everyday fashion as perfect as a celebrity wardrobe. 

How to Buy a Wig for the First Time? 
Buying a wig for the first time can be a novel experience. You can be nervous and excited, you can feel the butterflies in your stomach before unveiling the final look. But before that reward of seeing yourself, look absolutely perfect comes the task of choosing the perfect wig for yourself. Step 1 in this guide is to ask yourself “what to look for when buying a wig?”. With Wigs having so much variety, you need a guide to select the wig of your dreams. Not to worry, to show you the light in this sea of wigs we give you the perfect beginners guide. 

What to look for when buying a wig? 

A wig has various aspects to it. Before buying a wig you need to consider a few criteria to select the perfect wig. The wide assortment of wigs can be cumbersome to go through, to help you with your search and narrow it down, here are some of the things to keep in mind before selecting a wig: 

  1. Length of the wig
  2. Capsize of the wig
  3. Texture of the Hair
  4. Color of the Hair
  5. Type of the Hair
  6. Budget
  7. Hairstyle
    1. Length of the wig: 

There are three lengths in which wigs come, short length, medium length and long length wigs. Short wigs are easier to maintain and medium and long length wigs have a higher capacity to be styled. You have to see what is your priority and which length will suit your style the most. 

    1. Capsize of the wig:

 The capsize of the wig is another vital aspect of any wig. They come in varying fixed sizes and also in free size. The varying sizes you can decide from are Child/-Petite, Petite, Petite-Average, Average, and Large. Remember to choose the size which fits your scalp perfectly and sits on your forehead and hairline. The right size gives a natural and effortless look. 

    1. Texture of the hair:

Wigs largely come in three texture variations, straight and flat, which are perfect for a sleek look. Bouncy and flowing wigs, which give a playful tone. And wigs compatible with heat, you can style these wigs in different ways and according to your needs. 


    1. Color of the hair:

 Wigs come in poppy as well as natural and subtle colors. The color choices are endless. If you need a wig for a natural and daily look, go for shades of brown and black. For a more specific occasion and funky style, wigs with vibrant colors are recommended. The color of the wig is always chosen according to your purpose. 

    1. Type of hair: 

Wigs are either synthetic or natural. Natural wigs are made of real hair and give a natural look, but heat can damage these wigs and they require proper maintenance. Synthetic wigs are easy to style and do not require maintenance. The reason that you require a wig, will determine what type of texture you need for your wig.


    1. Budget 

 If you are buying a wig for the first time, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay for a wig. Wigs come in a wide bracket of money. Wigs can be very expensive and even cheap, depending on the quality, length of hair, cap type etc. Real hair wigs are often pricier than synthetic hair wigs. If you’re on a budget then it is suggested to go with a synthetic wig. If quality is something which cannot be compromised for you then real hair wigs are the way to go. 

    1. Hairstyle

You should buy a style that perfectly suits your face. Here we’ve listed the face shapes and the wig style that will match.


Heart face shape: Wigs with volume at the back section will balance out your intense cheekbones. Consider wigs with either chin-length hair or beyond the shoulder length. The perfect style is always the classic bob cut, this is the best for a chic yet playful look.


 Diamond face shape: Well, you’re in luck, a well balanced and symmetric face gives you limitless options. Any wig will work out for you. The most recommended is wigs with less volume and more defined sleek look to not hide your nicely balanced and defined face. 
 Pear face shape: To balance out the heavy jawline, it recommends using short length wigs. The most suitable will be wigs, which will enhance and draw attention to your upper section of the face, especially the forehead. 
Oval face shape: This a well balanced proportional face, you can easily pull off most wigs. Try not wearing wigs with a heavy front. This can give a perception of a heavier face. 
 Round face shape: The most recommended style is wigs, without mid parting, and side parting or off centre part. Medium length, straight wigs are the best and give the face an angle and definition. 
 Square face shape:  short and medium hair length wigs look the best. Wigs with bangs or flicks will suit this face shape a lot. Curls and wavy hairstyles are the way to go, to give a contrast to the well-defined face shape.
 Obligated face shape:  a layered wig which has volume and medium length is most suitable for you. Off-centre wig partings will also complement your facial features in the best way. 

 What are the most natural-looking wigs? 

 Lace front wigs: These wigs have a thin lace attached at the area just above the forehead. This gives a natural flowing hairline. You need to attach this lace aligning with your real hairline. This will create a mirage of your real hairline. Your final look will be of an easy flowing and effortless hairstyle. 
 Monofilament wigs:  These are the easiest to style and most versatile wigs. They have a mesh-like material at their base, which mimics naturally growing hair. You can part your hair any which way you like, without revealing your real hairline. These wigs look natural and can be paired up with any look and styles accordingly.

How to Wear a Wig for First Time


Tips for first-time wig wearers: 

 Bobby pins: 

These are life saviors. If you’re wearing a wig for the first time, they can be a huge help. Before wearing a wig, secure your hair tightly with bobby pins, so the wig fits your hair perfectly and sits on it evenly. 


Prepping your wig: 

Before finally putting on your wig, remember to prep your wig. Wash your wig, with a sulphate free shampoo or a wig shampoo. Comb and dry your wig before wearing. This prepping is the key to make your wig look natural. 


Wig straps: 

Wearing and securing a wig can be a tedious task. After wearing, wigs can often feel like they’re slipping away. To help you out in this process, a wig strap is your best friend. It will secure your wig and keep it in place for the rest of the use. 


Wig comb: 

Wigs have customized combs for wig styling. Wide teeth comb also works well with wigs. Using the right comb is important to not harm your wig. A harsh comb cannot only ruin your wig but also your final look. 


Protect your wig:

Wigs are a delicate and essential fashion item. Do not expose your wig to dust. This will hamper the shelf life and quality of your wig. Remember to not store your wig in sunlight and hot environments. 

Hope our guide helps you in your journey of buying a wig for the first time!