Popular types of human hair wigs for women in 2022

Popular human hair wigs

Human hair Wigs are getting more popular these days and not only amongst celebrities alone. Gone are the days when wig talk used to be done in secret or conversation people are shy to talk about. Almost everyone has caught on to this trend and they are not worn just during the Halloween period or […]

Best wigs for cancer patients


Best wigs for cancer patients – Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment and many cancer patients decide to wear a wig until their real hair grows back. Deciding on the best wig to go for can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Read More

Why wigs are on trend now?

In the last couple of years wigs stopped being an accessory that only some would wear and have become something, shall I say – common? I personally love to change my hair color and I know a lot of dolls share the same passion. We all know that the health of our hair starts in […]

Extremely Cool Wigs for Halloween

cool wigs for halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and for some of us its such an exciting time,Most of us get excited with the costume and the hair and the outfit mostly dictates everything else including the wigs.Depending on who you decide to be you might need to hunt for some bold colours.Although human hair wigs are more […]