Blonde Lace Front / Full lace wigs

When in doubt, go blonde! Ladies, if you have always wanted to go blonde but couldn’t risk damaging your natural hair, just try blonde wigs! At eternal wigs we’ve got a collection of beautiful blonde hair units just for you. The  blonde long wigs, short,  straightwavescurls and everything in between. We provide lace front / full lace wigs with highly accurate cap construction, a transparent lace, natural hairline, baby hair, elastic straps and combs for the most natural look and an all-day wear.

We have all always heard that blonde is more fun, do they? Well, with our shades of blondes you are sure to have lots of fun and excitement. You always wanted to go blonde but then, you know the anxiety of damaging your natural hair caught you. But you don’t have to risk dyeing the hair just to go blonde. With our natural looking wigs, you can turn yourself into a blonde beauty within minutes. Additionally, all our wigs whether a human hair wig or a synthetic wig guarantee you the most realistic look, so you won’t ever fret about being spotted. The careful cap and lace construction makes it look as if the hair are coming from your scalp. You can either choose a lace front / full lace depending on you want to style your hair, adjust the length, cap size and we will take care of the rest. All blonde lace front wigs and full lace wigs come with baby hair, elastic straps and combs.

Note that if you don’t find a wig you are looking for, please get in touch via email or WhatsApp to order a customized wig. We will make sure we resonate your style just as you would expect.

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Almond White

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Blonde Caramel

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Honeycomb Straight

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