Bob Style Wigs

short, long bob cut wigs

Looking for something that will never go out of style? Try Bob wigs. Classic Bob style wigs never go out of style and with our carefully designed wigs, you are sure to make heads turn! Choose the sleek layers, bangs, straight, curly or romantic waves, we assure you the most natural bob looks. Our carefully constructed caps with lace front (full lace also available) offers the most  natural look along with the comfort for all-day wear.

Additionally, the wigs have a transparent lace color, which allows to show the natural color of your scalp and makes it look like hair from your own scalp. Our wigs are made of highest quality hair, come with baby hair, a pre-plucked hairline, transparent lace , elastic bands and combs, too. At Eternal Wigs, we’ve got a collection of carefully designed ladies wigs in a range of hair textures, colors and lengths. Whether you need a chic, sassy look or need a clean-cut hairstyle, choose from our collection of wigs are you are sure to make a statement.

The popularity of bob cut styles have remained same over the years and there are many reasons to it. It offers classic and yet modern look suitable for every age and face shape. The various types of bobs; the typical bob , straight bob, chin bob, pixie cut wig, inverted bob, lob (long bob) , shaggy textured bob, layered bob and bob with bangs, medium length bob and so many other styles of bob offer the versatility for woman looking for simple, easy to manage and yet sassy look. Wigs natural look is critical so that you can wear them with confidence. Our wigs are suitable for ladies who want to try new looks, or struggling with hair loss due to medical conditions. Whether you choose synthetic hair or human hair, lace front wigs or full lace we assure you the most natural looking wigs.

Here are some reasons for ladies unending love for Bob Cut Wigs

  • It’s low maintenance and versatile. You can style a human hair bob wig in many ways. For example a short bob human hair wig can be straightened offering a clean and casual look, it can be curled, be blown up to add extra volume or create part on the side for a simple look or you can also create the bangs to make it look cute.
  • It’s a time saver compared to long wigs. No hours of endless blow drying or straightening, or untangling. You don’t necessarily have to style your bob wig every time. Even a casually styled bob is a ready to go.
  • The Bob cut wig is a universally flattering style, no matter face shape. A short bob looks great on everybody. It gives a frame to your face and gives an instant face lift.
  • Long bob wigs or medium length wigs are saviors for ladies who are scissor shy. If you are nervous about cutting and yet dying to have switch to the bob look, you can do so with the long bob wigs. The long bob wigs have a shoulder length, enough to put into a ponytail if you wish.
  • You will never get bored with a Bob. You can cut some extra inches, create bangs, add the wavy texture, or textured ends or ask a stylist to do a little layering to transform it into a new look.

Choose from our selection of hair pieces to transform your look today. Note that if you have any special bob cut requirements, we also take custom wig orders.

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