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Get the chic look with fringe wigs. If you want to transform your look without cutting your hair, trying out wigs with bangs or fringes is a perfect way to do so.  They provide a frame to your face, eliminates the need for lace front and give a flattering look. Here are some of our carefully designed and handpicked wigs to help you get that iconic look.

They come with a comfortable cap construction, elastic bands and combs. A Human hair wig with bangs offers a more natural look compared to synthetic wigs, and can be styled using the heating tools. Fringes or bangs are very versatile and can be worn to almost any event. Try a long wig with full bangs or keep it simple with a bob wig and blunt bangs the choice is yours. We highly recommend to go for a human hair wig with bangs as they have the styling versatility. The Long straight , full fringes, bold bangs, blunt bangs, feathery bangs; there are many ways to style bangs. You can buy one wig and then style it in different ways. Here are some of the ways you can style your wig.

  • Go for straight bangs for a classic and gentle look. To get this look, sweep your bangs to side while using a dryer with a diffuser downwards onto your new bangs. Comb your bangs down with a wig comb Note that any heating or styling tools should not be used with the synthetic wigs.
  • Get the side swept bangs for a wild, fun and free look. Part your hair on side. You can sweep bangs to the side and use a wig spray or wig styling cream to hold them in place.
  • Get the curtain bangs. This look helps to frame your face and pop your facial features. Part the wig hair in center and then simply sweep the bangs to their respective sides to get the curtain bangs. Use styling cream to hold in place.
  • Use the updo hairstyles to let your bangs shine. All you have to do is put the wig in hair in an updo style and bring your bangs on the front, comb them and use the styling cream to hold in place as you wish. Try the half up half down, high ponytail, simple low ponytail, side ponytails, half bun or full bun with bangs. The sexy updo with fringes gives you the confident and fun look.
  • You can also try upgrading to curly or wavy bangs from the all straight look. Just create the curls or waves with the rest of your hair and use the curling wand to add loose waves on the bangs.
  • You can also use accessories like scarves, headbands etc. with bangs to stand out. Finally, you can always ask a stylist to trim the length of your wig, style it into feather bangs or layers as you wish for upgrading the look.

There are many ways you can try the bangs or fringes to transform your look completely once you get the perfect wig for you. Choose from our collection of exclusively designed lace wigs (curly wigs, straight hair wigs, body wave wig with bang , synthetic hair or human hair). All of our wigs offer a natural hairline, comfortable cap for all day wear.Note that of you want something different than this like a natural black wig or a wig that resonates your natural hair style and color you can order a customized wig for you to get your desired style.

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