Curly Hair Wig

CURLY Lace front / full lace wigs

Feel free and empowered with our curly hair wigs. We’ve got a collection of exclusively designed and natural looking curly wigs for ladies. Choose a lace front/ full lace, we assure you the most natural look with our wigs made with high attention to details. All our wigs are made with high quality hair, come with baby hair, a pre-plucked hairline, transparent lace, comfortable cap construction and elastic straps for an easy fit so that you walk out of the door with confidence every day.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

Curls add an instant glamour to your appearance. Whether you want to switch your look, bored of all-straight hair look, want to feel free and careless, boost confidence or you have a medical condition and want a natural looking curly human hair wig, we are there for you. Our collection features the curly lace front wigs with on-trend shades like grey, pink, silver fox etc. We have a range of lace closure wigs from 130 to 180 density upto 250 density, and you have the options to choose desired length. You can also customize the length and cap construction as per your requirement. Whether you need a Brazilian curly wig, synthetic curls, kinky curly, long curly or loose curls, if you have a special custom wig request you can reach out to us directly via our Email, WhatsApp or just fill in the custom wig form on our website. Often, we find ladies with curls wanting to get all straight hair or ladies with straight hair wanting to try the bouncy curls. If you are also one of them, wigs can be a good option for you ladies. All you have to do is, put on that curly wig or a straight wig whenever the mood strikes you and you are all ready to step out. Additionally, all our wigs are made with high detailing, look super realistic and hence you can walk with confidence all day long.

Why should you own a curly style wig?

  • First and foremost, it’s fun! Curly hair symbolizes, fun and freedom. There are so many ways you can style it, and you will never get bored of it.
  • Curly hair is bouncy and keep their volume all day long. If you want to try curly styles but don’t have hours to do curling, spraying and tweaking, a wig is a good option. It’s a quick way to get a glamorous look.
  • You can avoid the heat damage to your natural hair and embrace the curls whenever you want.
  • Curls are just mesmerizing to look at. It makes you stand out from the crowd. Try any length, short, medium or long curls, you are sure to receive lots of compliments with our natural looking wigs.

Caring for curly wigs

maintaining the beauty of those curls require proper care. Don’t worry, you can take care of them following the easy tips below.

    • Only use a wide-tooth comb to brush curly swigs and comb gently. Regular brushes can cause frizz. It can make it hard to restore the curls.
    • Use conditioning sprays when detangling a wig. Make sections of hair and mist each section. Once sprayed on a section detangle with wide tooth comb. If you have a synthetic wig, only use a products designed for it.
    • Restore your curls after detangling or combing a wig. Divide hair into section. To restore curls, twist a curl with you finger and let it bounce back. If it doesn’t bounce back, try twisting in opposite direction. This method helps to maintain the original pattern of curls.


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