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Need a more polished and put-together look? Try our straight hair wigs! They are a preferred choice for many women due to their styling versatility. Be it a casual event, a party or an office meeting, you can depend on a straight wig. Choose from our collection of wigs in a range of different lengths and shades to suit you. The high-quality hair used in wigs combined with the lace front cap construction, transparent lace, baby hair and a pre-plucked hairline offers a completely natural look for you.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

We have a range of lace closure wigs with 100% human hair wigs(brazillian human hair / European hair Grade 9 – 10) as well as synthetic wigs starting from 130 density, 150 density, 180 density up to 250 density. We’ve got Bob wigs, wigs with bangs, body wave wigs, curly wigs etc. If you are a beginner to wigs, we highly recommend our collection of straight lace front wigs, as they are versatile and easy to maintain. Straight hair remains the classic and timeless styles for many generations. With straight hair you are ready to step out even without any styling. You can also try thousands of different hairstyles for every occasion with straight hair. If you love texture, you can create the curls or waves too. Straight hair styles are so reliable and must for every lady who loves styling versatility. You can have a polished look for office or formal meetings as well as you can try experimenting a bit with the updos, ponytails, side braids and create the loose curls occasionally for special events or days. We have got a range of

Let’s look at some of reasons behind why straight hair wigs are ladies all-time-favourite!

  • Easy maintenance – Straight hair take less time to comb, and are much easy to maintain. So, you can just get up from the bed, apply the wig, brush the hair in seconds and you are good to take off! You can also brush the wig hair at night before bed or the time you put it off on the stand and the next morning you have lots of time saved. You can just comb the hair and are done. No need to use the sprays to hold hair in place, or use the straightening wands on your natural curly hair causing them damage. Also the tangles are very less with these wigs being completely straight. Combing is enough. Straight hair wigs are saviors for ladies who want a polished and sleek look in minutes!
  • Styling Versatility – You will have limitless ways of styling with straight hair. You can style them the way you want and that too with ease. Be it a bouncy ponytail for workout, cute braids for fun causal look, deep side part, side ponytails or graceful half up half down styles, you can try them all with these wigs. There aren’t any styling limits with the long straight tangle-free sleek hair. You can create any beautiful hairstyle wit these long locks. In fact, we have seen lots of ladies preferring lace front human hair wigs for their special events like wedding, parties or birthday bashes.
  • Any length looks great with straight – Be it super-short bob, shoulder length or long length you will always look great . If you have tried ever, the short styles look great with straight hair but than with the curls. If you have naturally curly hair, then you might know having short hair is not easy with the curls. With our wigs, you can experience the sleek straight look in any length. You can go ahead and buy the short length wig or you can just buy a long length wig and then cut it short or medium or even cut the layers or bangs if you get bored with regular style. You can get your wig styled from a professional stylist for a fresh look.
  • Looks good on practically anyone – This timeless style looks good on every type and can be worn to any event. So, whether you are a beginner to wigs or you are frequent wig wearer, your collection isn’t complete without a straight unit!

Ready to try out the sleek straight looks? Browse our collection of natural looking wigs and find the one that will help you channel your inner Beyoncé! Alternatively, you can also order a customized wig from us with your preferred length, styles, natural hair shades and texture as you wish. Note that all our wigs can be made into lace front as well as full lace as per choice and we make sure the cap construction is detailed and comfortable to wear. A well-built cap, natural hairline and high quality of hair fibre offers a completely natural look for you. All wigs come with baby hair, elastic straps and combs.


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