Affordable Synhtetic lace front / full lace wigs

Want to transform your look without any major commitment? Try our synthetic wigs! If you want to change your looks frequently without damaging your natural hair, our synthetic wigs can be saviors for you. All of these wigs are made from high quality fiber and offer the natural hair look just like the human hair wigs. Our collection features wigs in a range of on-trend colors and styles to choose from. Find a style that helps you channel your inner Beyoncé and keep shining!

The new synthetic fiber units are made from the finest quality fiber. Although human hair wigs are recommended for their long life, synthetic is the best option for ladies who want to play around with different looks every day without cracking the budget. And the best thing is, they look as natural as human hair wigs. So yes, you can step out and be sure that the wig is not detectable. All our wigs can be made in either lace front / full lace. Lace front wigs can be parted anywhere on the front area, however if you want to try the up-dos, braids full lace is more suitable. The lace used is transparent allowing the scalp to show offering a natural hairline. All these wigs are glue less, made with premium synthetic fiber, contain baby hair and come with elastic straps and combs too.

Wonder why ladies love synthetic wigs?

  • They are easy to maintain and have the set styles. They come pre-styled, only takes seconds to put them on and you are ready to step out of the door! Whether its sleek straight, loose waves or curls, they come ready to go.
  • You can have fun playing around with different looks everyday without damaging your natural hair. If you love to switch your looks frequently, you can’t always experiment with your natural hair. Constant application of color dyes, straightening or curling wands can damage your natural hair. Synthetic hair units can save you all that headache and allows to transform your look within minutes.
  • You can style a synthetic wig in many ways! Those tangle free locks will encourage you to try different hair styles with ease. The full lace option will even let you try the up-dos, braids and more fun styles.
  • Fading is not an issue with these wigs. Synthetic hair fibers can hold colour more efficiently than human hair. You can have fun trying more deep and vibrant colours with synthetic hair pieces.
  • These wigs are cheaper compared to human hair wigs, in fact it’s the best option if you want something in budget. You can easily get 3 wig styles in the cost of single human hair wig. But we do recommend buying a human hair wig, if you have a medical condition, want something that lasts longer and can be styled just like your natural hair. Synthetic units tend to have shorter lifespan compared to human hair wigs. If you are someone who rather likes wigs to try out fun new looks without cracking the budget, synthetic hair units are your best choice!
  • Synthetic lace front wigs look just as natural as human hair wigs and are undetectable as well. In fact, with a high-quality synthetic fiber unit, you can easily get the look of natural hair for much less money.

Some things you need to know about synthetic hair wigs –

  • You should not use the regular human hair products like shampoos conditioners or sprays on synthetic hair. Only use the products designed for synthetic wigs. Also, you should not wash a wigs every day. Once a week is enough.
  • Avoid using the regular styling tools like curl irons, flat irons or hot rollers on a synthetic wig as it can damage and singe hair fibers.
  • Only use the brushes and combs that are specifically designed for synthetic wigs. Do not brush wig when it is wet.
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