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How to wear a wig? Do it right

How to Wear a wig
How to Wear a wig

You’ve finally found the perfect wig that fits your head. But there’s one slight problem – how do you wear a wig? 

Don’t worry because this guide will explain how to put on a wig the right way. So keep reading.

Steps to Wearing a Wig the Right Way

Follow the step-by-step process below to put on a wig:

Measure your head and prepare your hair

Before getting a new wig, you should measure your head to find a perfect match. The measurement includes the circumference, temple to temple (round back), ear to ear (across the forehead), ear to ear (over top), front to nape, and nape to neck. Follow this guide.

Some wig types like lace-fronts require all six measurements while other wigs need less. But these are some basic wig measurements you’ll need:

Circumference: The measurement around your head that begins from the hairline and ends at the starting point.

Front to Nape: The measurement from the center of your headline to the nape of the neck

Temple to Temple: The measurement from the left temple to the right temple (the tape will go around the back of your head).

Prepare your hair and wear a wig cap

Next, you should prepare your hair to ensure it’s as flat as possible before wearing the wig. But we all have different types of hair, thus different styles of preparation.

So, for people with:

Short/Little or no hair: Even if you’re bald or have short hair, you’ll still need to wear a wig liner to keep your wig secure.

Longer hair: You can make flat pin curls or use braids to keep your hair even and avoid weird bumps. Also, adding wig liners is still good for long hair.

Put on the wig and adjust till it’s comfortable

Follow these two easy steps below to wear a wig on your head:

Step 1: Hold the wig by the nape with both your hands (the wig will be worn from front to back).

Step 2: Wear the wig and adjust it till it’s placed correctly on your head. The front should be slightly above your natural hairline, while the sides should be tucked behind your ears (not over).

How to Wear a wig

Style your wig

Finally, you can brush and style the wig to suit your preferences. Use a normal brush for human hair and a metal brush for synthetic fiber wigs.

But metal brushes damage human hair, so you should be careful about which brush is being used on your wig.

Also, you can use light leave-in conditioners, heat protectants, or detanglers for styling your hair.

Tips for Wearing a Wig

How to Wear a wig

Here are a few tips to keep you and your wigs looking fabulous:

Switch your wigs

Wearing the same wig every time causes wear and tear which reduces the lifespan of the wig. So you should keep two to three wigs on standby.

Also, having extra wigs means less washing.

Wash your wigs

Your wigs should be washed after wearing them eight to ten times. But remember to use the appropriate hair care products for your wig type which may be natural or synthetic.

Store wigs Safely

Using a wig stand or mannequin will help you avoid unnecessary damage and prevent the hair from tangling.

Clean your wig styling tools

Cleaning your styling tools will prevent dirt, dust, or residue from transferring to your wig, which will eventually reduce washing and increase longevity.

Don’t sleep with your wig

Always take your wig off before bedtime to avoid tangles, knots, dryness, or reduction in lifespan. Sleeping with your wig will increase the time spent taking care of it.

Carry a toothcomb with you

For daily wig wearers, a wide-tooth comb is a must. The comb will help you detangle or style your wig if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a wig should be a very simple task. But if you’re ever facing some trouble, then reread this guide to learn how to put on a wig, plus a few maintenance tips.

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