Long Wigs

Long Lace front / full lace wigs
There is something absolutely feminine and beautiful about having long hair. If you have always had that longing for long hair but couldn’t fulfill your dream because you didn’t have time for it’s maintenance or you were busy trying different hair styles, trimming, cutting your hair short or you simply can’t wait for your hair to grow, then long hair wigs are the perfect solution for you. At Eternal Wigs, we’ve got a collection of beautiful wigs in different styles and colors you’ll love.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]
All these wigs are made with high attention to details and we assure you the most natural look. These wigs can be made either with lace front or full lace as per your choice, come with baby hair, a natural pre plucked hairline, elastic bands and combs. Cap construction is comfortable and ideal for all-day wear. Whether you want sleek and straight, curly or wavy long wigs , long synthetic or human hair, we’ve got a perfect style for you. Choose from the range of different styles, shades and adjust length with the options and you are all set to fulfill the styles you have been dreaming of.
Long wigs offer tons of movement and styling versatility to create multiple looks with one wig. You can try multiple hairstyles and with our human hair wigs you can change the texture to wavy, straight or curls just like your natural hair. You can choose the closest match to your natural color or go wild and try the premium colored wigs. Our long pink, red velvet or purple dynamite wigs are sure to make heads turn! And, who doesn’t love a straight blonde wig, right? Whether you want to try a new look or struggling from hair loss, our wigs are suitable for everybody. Note that we also take customized orders, so if you want a long length wig in your natural hair shade be sure to reach out to us directly, and we will be happy to assist you!
Here are some of the reasons we love the long length wigs!
Long Hair exemplifies beauty and femininity. You might have tried a bunch of trendy mid length or short hair styles but long hair is just undeniably attractive not to try. It makes you look confident and sexy.
You have options! You can try the countless number of hairstyles with long lengthy wigs – from bountiful runway curls, to long romantic waves to all straight. There are a number of up do styles you can experiment with long hairpieces. And with our lace front wigs, you are sure to get the most natural look.
Whether it’s a party, a casual event or office, long wigs give the best options for styling.
Long hair instantly gives a you a more luxurious and attractive look. It doesn’t matter if you make up isn’t perfect, or what are you wearing you will always look beautiful.
Long hair styles are timeless.
Long wigs is the best solution for those who miss their long lengthy hair, can’t wait to feel the long smooth locks, want to switch to a glamorous look or just want it for a special event.[/expander_maker]

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