Wavy Wigs

Wavy lace front / full lace wigs
Looking for the perfect balance between straight and curly? Try wavy wigs!  If you want something that is classy like straight and yet carefree like curls, wavy hair wigs are the solution for you. Those romantic wavy locks are sure to make heads turn wherever you go. Choose from lace front / full lace with desired length, color and style. With our wigs, you don’t have to fret about being spotted.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]
A detailed, comfortable cap, high quality hair fiber and natural hairline with baby hair offers the natural look for you. Whether you just want to change your look, have a special event, or have a medical condition we are there for you offering you the most comfortable and natural hair wigs. And with our wavy collection you can get those perfect waves within minutes.  Choose wavy synthetic lace front wig or wavy human hair wig, we assure you the most natural look. All our wigs come with a pre plucked hairline and baby hair to give a realistic look. Elastic straps and combs will make sure you wig stays in place all day long. If you want gluless lace front units, try our synthetic wigs. So whether you have a date in town or just want to have fun in everyday, we’ve got the perfect wigs for you. From beach waves, loose waves to curls, we have a style for everybody!
Wigs with wavy hair do not require much styling, they are ready to wear and look attractive. You can rock a high pony tail, half up dos or simple deep part with body waves will look gorgeous  too. Our wigs are undetectable and look natural just like the straight hair wigs. But to keep them attractive you must maintain them. Here are some useful tips to help you!

Make sure you use the products like conditioners and shampoos especially designed for wig hair. Don’t use regular products especially if it’s synthetic hair. Washing and conditioning is a necessary step to maintain the wigs, but do not over wash them. Wash them occasionally.
Only use the wide tooth comb with wavy and curly wigs. Use regular comb or applying too much force might pull out the strands of hair from cap. Using a wide tooth comb ensures the waves or curls remain tangle free and easy to comb. Using regular brush or comb can cause the frizz and make it difficult to restore the waves.
The most important tip to maintain a wig for long time is to make sure it is tangle free at all the times. To detangle a wavy hair unit, make use of the conditioning sprays. Divide hair into sections. Spray conditioner on a section and then detangle with a wide tooth comb. You can use the leave in conditioners. It it’s a synthetic lwig, make sure to use products suitable for synthetic.
To maintain the original patterns o the waves, make sure to restore the waves after brushing, combing, or conditioning. Twist a wave around finger and let it bounce back. If it doesn’t bounce back, try twisting in opposite direction. This will help restore any curls or waves and maintain original pattern.
You can also moisturize your wig units with specially designed moisturizers for wigs. Moisturizing the wig hair help keeping the wig tangle free at all times. They also help in enhancing the shine or lustre of the wig hair.
Ready to jazz up your look? Browse from our collection of wigs to find a style that resonates with you. Our collection features the on-trend shades of silver, pink, blue, blonde or even red if you want to try something completely new. Note that, if you have any medical condition, need a wig that resonates your natural hair or have any special requirements, we also take customized wig orders to help you get what you want. Please get in contact via email, WhatsApp or use our custom order form. [/expander_maker]

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