How Often Should You Wash Your Wig?

We all know how nice your wig feels when it’s washed and feels good. A greasy wig is no no. Knowing the perfect wash schedule is sometimes impossible. How often do you wash, what are the best products to use-oils, shampoos, conditioners etc? We all know the struggle, if you overwash your wig, it could […]

Can wigs really damage your natural hair?

We all know the advantages that come with wearing a wig if you are a wig wearer. The pros of wearing a wig can be varied for each individual but can range from using it as a protective style, or to disguise any form of hair loss or could just be simply for convenience. If […]

10 Best Tricks That Can Help You In dealing With Trichotillomania for Good.

10 Best Tricks That Can Help You In Stopping Trichotillomania For Good

Did you know that trichotillomania approximately affects 1 in 50 people in their lifetime? This condition affects up to 4% of the world population. These statistics make it clear that it’s not as uncommon as it would seem. ‘Trich’ as it’s called can affect both adults and children with the condition affecting children between the […]

Benefits of Wearing A Glueless Lace Front Wig

Being in the world of wigs can be daunting; how do you choose the right one? Lace front or full lace, glueless or with glue? From colors to textures to hair types, it can all be mind blowing. But good news: we have information and articles to help and we are currently updating more topics […]

Cheap Amazon Wigs Vs Eternal Wigs – What’s the difference?

Wigs have become increasingly popular these days and the convenience of wearing a wig is so great. The idea that we can switch up our looks in just a few short seconds is nothing but the best. We have to admit, we can pretty much get all and everything from Amazon these days, just for […]