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Three Easy Steps To Wear A Wig If You Have Long Hair

Wigs are awesome. They allow you to try other hairstyles without cutting your own luscious and natural locks. Wearing a wig is not complicated, but it can be if you have naturally long hair, especially if it is thick.

If you have long hair, you might have issues not knowing how to wear a wig because you want all your hair to be hidden under the wig. However, it is really easy. There are various ways to hold your long hair so you can rock the short or long wigs of your choice.

Read on and learn the easy ways to wear a wig with long hair. 

Things Needed

Before wearing a wig, here are items you need to prepare to get your long hair ready for the wig.

  • Wig
  • Wig cap
  • Comb
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins

Once these items are in place, you can start working on how to wear a wig with your long hair.


Easy Steps to Wear a Wig if you have Long Hair

Step 1: Get your hair ready

There are three ways you can get your hair ready to rock long human hair wigs, short wigs, and any wig of your choice.

  • The Plait Method

Divide your hair, front to back, into two sections before braiding them. If your hair is thick, divide it into four sections. Once done, tie each section loosely with a hair tie.

Start each braid near the base of your scalp and secure it with a small hair tie. Note: it is important not to braid your hair too tightly since you will be wrapping the braids around your head. If you braid it too tightly, it may create lumps under the wigs.

Wrap the braids around the crown of your head and secure them with a bobby pin. Ensure the braids are not too close to your natural hairline; else, they will show underneath the wig.

  • The ponytail method

Tie your hair into a really low ponytail and ensure it is as tight as possible without it being uncomfortable. Next, pull the ponytail over your head, so the ends of your hair nearly touch your forehead.

Since you are not securing the hair with a hair tie or bobby pin, you have to ensure your hair is smooth when you put on your wig cap.

  • The cornrow method

Using a wide-tooth comb, divide the sections, making a line down your scalp from the front to the back. Depending on how thick your long hair is, you can section them into three or more rows.

Start at the front of your scalp. Take one row and divide it into three more sections. Pass the right section under the middle one; once done, make the right section the middle section. Then pass the left under the middle, making the left section the middle section. Continue braiding until it reaches your hair’s end, and secure it with a hair band. Repeat the same for the other sections you created.

Twist several braids together, and wrap them around the back of your head. Using large bobby pins, pin them in place. If your braids are thick, pin them individually, so they don’t form lumps.

Step 2: Put on your wig cap

Whether the wigs you chose are synthetic or realistic wigs, the next step is putting on a wig cap. This not only protects your long hair but also hides and secures your hair.

Hold the wig cap to the front of your hairline and place it over your head. Ensure it is aligned with your natural hairline, and tuck any loose strands into the wig cap.

Note: Ensure the wig cap you got is best for your hair.


Step 3: Put on the wig

It’s wig time. Now, it’s time to look astonishingly beautiful by putting on the wig. You could go for short wigs or long wigs.

To put on the wig, turn it upside down and put it over your head. Ensure the wig is aligned with your natural hairline. A flap or a pin keeps the wig in place at the back of the wig. You can use bobby pins, wig tapes, and more for better securing.


Check out this video on how to wear a wig with long hair



Now you know how to put on a wig if you have long hair. No one can stop you from rocking the short or long hair wigs you love. Choose realistic wigs that suit you, and you get a fabulous look!

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