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Why wigs are on trend now?

In the last couple of years wigs stopped being an accessory that only some would wear and have become something, shall I say – common? I personally love to change my hair color and I know a lot of dolls share the same passion. We all know that the health of our hair starts in our hands and we can’t dye it all the time, it gets damaged in the long run so wigs are an ideal solution for people that share the hobby (I personally do not encourage dyeing your natural hair often).

Not only that, but they’re also slowly becoming a fashion statement, to look more colorful and some even match them with their outfits – which is something that I really like! Celebs and social media influencers are converting wigs into something trendy and popular from the likes of Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Carbi B, and others that we totally love.

They come in different quality levels, textures, styles, and lengths. Human hair wigs are the higher tier and the more affordable ones being the synthetic wigs which are made of chemical fibers, ideal for those who don’t wear wigs very often or just want to spend less on a wig. We provide both tiers in wig range and they’re available in our website.

Here you go, why we encourage you to give it a try? Because wigs allow you to switch up your look in no time, they’re an easy way to show your personality, to make yourself unique and most importantly, they protect your hair from damaging. If you haven’t decided yet, take your time, no rush. If you have any questions, we can always help. Let us know!

Happy wearing dolls.

With love,
Funmi from Eternal Wigs.

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