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How often can you wash your wig

How Often Should You Wash Your Wig?

We all know how nice your wig feels when it’s washed and feels good. A greasy wig is no no. Knowing the perfect wash schedule is sometimes impossible. How often do you wash, what are the best products to use-oils, shampoos, conditioners etc? We all know the struggle, if you overwash your wig, it could get way to dry, don’t wash it enough then it can get dull. So what’s the perfect balance in doing this cause the benefits of having the right balance will mean your wig will last much longer, especially if your wig is on the expensive side like a real human hair wig.

Wig Type Matters

It’s very important to note that the quality and type of hair matter. Textures also vary and knowing this will help in making you understand how to wash and what type of wig product to use. Curly wigs usually when washed can last longer due to the texture while straight wigs, on the other hand, are less weighty and best to wash frequently.

It’s important to understand that how often you wash your wig also depends on how often you wear them. Some people tend to wear their wigs every day while some people might not wear them as often.

Effective guide on washing your wig


So, how often should you wash your wig?

This depends and how often you wear it. If you wear your wig daily and apply styling products to it, then recommended you wash it at least once every week.

If you wear your wig daily but don’t apply styling products to it regularly, then you can wash it every 8-10 wears.

If you don’t wear it every day, best to wash it once every 2-3 weeks. If you wear your wig to the gym for workouts, of course, you will tend to sweat, then ideal to wash your wig once every week. Dirt and sweat can accumulate on your wig which can lead to a buildup of bacteria-this naturally can damage your natural hair

Very important to note this general rule applies to both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. However because synthetic wigs are made with chemical fibre and not real hair, they tend to tangle easily. It’s however recommended to wash your synthetic wig after every 15-20 wears. Washing it often will decrease the life span and longevity of the wig.

Wash your wig


How to Wash Your Wig in 9 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Use mild shampoo

Step 2 – Fill up your sink with lukewarm water

Step 3 – Add mild shampoo to the water

Step 4 – Dilute the shampoo

Step 5 – Wash the wig very gently including the lace part, there also tends to be a buildup of dirt in this area

Step 6 – Let the wig soak for 5 minutes

Step 7 – Rinse the wig with cold clean water

Step 8 – Squeeze the water out by towel drying

Step 9 – Air dry on a wig stand

Steps to wash a wig


What Products Are Needed to Wash Your Wig

Human hair wigs are quite strong and made from real hair, most shampoos and conditioners on the market can be used on them. Best however to use very mild products.

The best of any wig especially human hair still has a life span, hence why it’s important to apply gentle products on them. Aveeno gentle moisture shampoo has a lovely formula and wouldn’t leave your wig feeling dry.

If you want something a little pricier then the shea butter wig residue shampoo is another amazing product. Its enriches with tea tree oil and is also good for removing excessive glue on the wig if you use glue on the wig.

Wanting something a bit more luxurious? then try the bumble and bumble range. The formula is lovely and leaves your wig feeling beautiful and luxurious.

With synthetic wigs, equally as important to use the gentlest of products due to the nature of the hair. Synthetic hair tends to tangle very easily. Go for a product like hairobics unlimited all day shampoo which is quite good particularly if you have a buildup of dirt. It’s gentle and specifically formulated for synthetic hair types. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, they also have a line of gentle spray that helps detangle and eliminate any kind of frizz.

Image of product used for washing a wig

Is it really bad not to wash your wig at all?

Yes, it’s bad not to wash your wig at all. The key thing is to get the balance right. You don’t need to wash your wig every day but not washing it at all can lead to the buildup of bacteria and dirt on it which can be uncomfortable and also reduces the life span of your wig.

In Conclusion

So often should you wash your wig? Generally speaking, wash it every 8-10 wears if you apply styling products but if you don’t wear your wig that often, then wash it once every 2-3 weeks. Consider the texture, style and how you use your wig-if you wear it to the gym often, for example, then it’s recommended to wash once every week.

So here you have it all, the low down of how to wash and how often you should wash your wig.



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