About two decades ago my mother miraculously survived cancer. As a family, we were relieved to see her smile again even though the years that followed came with some unique challenges. To list a few, her hair began to recede and her skin blemished.

During this time, I was enduring my own challenges as a young adult trying to find a purpose in life. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I had always known that my passion lies around creating something of value but couldn‚Äôt lay a finger on it. My mum’s challenges during that time gave me inspiration as I realised that there were many persons like her experiencing the same symptoms having survived cancer.

My mum’s tribulations and struggles inspired me to the birth of ETERNAL WIGS. By turning negatives into positives and thereby creating a brand of coloured premium wigs that restore a persons confidence and self-pride.

Our wigs come in a variety of colours and for anyone wanting to switch up their look and try something totally colourful!

XOXO – Katie.