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4 Top Things to Look Out for Before Purchasing Your Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs can be worn for various reasons and I particularly remember when I purchased my first human hair wig and how daunting it was. I quickly realized there are different elements to a wig such as the cap type, lace types, hair textures, colours, and more. And to avoid the rigors and help you make a better decision when choosing a human hair wig, this article discusses 4 important features of the human wig. Whether you are a human hair newbie or a seasoned hair picker, these basic features will improve your decision-making, especially now that the market is flooded with all sorts of hair claiming to be the real deal.

4 things to note before purchasing your human hair wig

We have highlighted in this article the 4 important things to note before purchasing your human hair wig.

  1. Cap type
  2. Hair texture
  3. Hair colour
  4. Hair type

Let’s delve into each in detail

1.    Cap Type

Human hair wigs can come in various cap constructions. There are lace front wigs, full lace wigs, monofilament. The cap type you decide to go for depends entirely on what your preference is, as well as your budget. Full lace wigs are generally more expensive.

     I.        Lace front wigs

Lace front human hair wigs are a cap type made with a piece of ventilated lace across the forehead. Lace front wigs are very breathable. Because the cap is just around the front parting only, it makes it less versatile to style but having said that, lace front wigs can still be styled in a bun, ponytails, side parts, etc.

   II.        Full lace Wigs

Full lace human hair wigs are wigs that have knots tied directly to the lace and the entire cap is made of lace. Since this cap type is entirely hand-tied, it makes it more expensive than lace front wigs.

 III.        Monofilament caps

These cap types are smooth and thin, which usually creates an illusion of a natural-looking wig. The cap is well ventilated and allows it to be styled in multiple ways.

2. Hair Texture

Human wig textures can come in textures such as straight or wavy looks. All-natural human hair wigs can be styled with heat tools. Therefore the style can be changed as often as you want it. Bear in mind if you are wanting to go with a 100 percent wig, make sure it’s not a blend of synthetics and human hair.

3. Hair Colour

Human hair wigs colours can come in both natural colours like black as well as non-natural colours such as blondes, reds, etc.

Before purchasing your human hair wigs, do your research and make sure it’s made from real human hair. That way, the colour of your human hair can be dyed if you do decide to switch up your look.

It’s recommended you have your wig styled by a stylist who works with wigs. Not every stylist is familiar with colouring wigs because human hair wigs can be expensive and you do not want all that money spent going down the drain.

4. Hair Type

If you are not new to wigs you must have heard of hair types such as Brazilian hair, Remy hair, Virgin hair, Non-Remy hair, or even raw hair. So what do all these terms even mean and what’s the best hair type to go for?

     I.        Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is one of the most popular hairs on the market. The hair type is very lustrous, soft, and durable. This hair type can be coloured and asides being the most popular, it’s affordable as well.

   II.        Remy hair

Remy hair is the hair type that has its cuticle running in one direction. The hair type is obtained usually from a single hair donor and has been chemically processed.

 III.        Virgin hair

This is the hair type in its natural state. This type of hair has not been chemically processed. It is hair in the best form. It can be dyed, bleached, and processed. Because this is virgin hair, it can be very expensive compared to the other human hair types.

When purchasing a human hair wig, make sure it’s 100 percent human hair and not a synthetic blend. This will offer the versatility to dye the wig, use heat tools and treat it just the way you would your own natural hair.

Bottom Line…

The above tips should act as a guide in purchasing your human hair wig. Here at Eternal Wigs, we offer a range of hair types and cap types but we have on offer at the moment – Brazilian human hair wigs in various styles and colours and you can SHOP all our human hair wigs look here..

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