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How to Store your human hair wigs

If you own one or more human hair wig, you must have wondered what the best way to store it is. Besides the fact that it doesn’t look good or organised to leave your hair just anywhere in the house, maintaining the quality of the hair is one good reason to properly store your human hair wigs. But what does proper storage mean? This article looks at how to store your human hair wigs and mistakes to avoid if you want your hair to last longer.

6 Ways to Store Your Human Hair Wigs

1. Wig head and/or stand

Because wig stands make your wigs accessible and best retain their shape, they are the most preferred storage option for a wig, especially if you wear the wig often. So, even if you don’t get multiple stands, you might want to get one for your most frequently worn wig.

2. Silk or satin wig bag

The best thing about storing your human hair wig in a bag made of satin or silk is that they help to retain the moisture in the wigs, preventing drying and tangling. That way, when you take the wig out of the bag for use, it remains soft and without static. If you have multiple wigs, you can place each in a different satin/silk bag and keep all bags in a box for tidiness.

3. Original packaging

If you just can’t get any other storage option for your wigs, you can simply make use of the original packaging. Most wigs come in boxes and even those that don’t are usually placed in wig bags. So, this option is cost-effective and doesn’t require any extra shopping. Plus, the boxes are stackable and have labels so it’s easy to identify which wig is in which box.

4. Shoe box

If you no longer have the original packaging of your wig, you can use a shoebox instead. Just line the box with tissue to prevent your wig from developing static from the cardboard box. Simply fold the wig and lay it flat into the box, then store in your closet or any cool, dry place.

5. Shoe rack

Using old, unused shoe racks for storing your wigs is a great way to upcycle. It is a suitable option if you have multiple wigs and cannot have several wigs stands. To protect your wig from dust, however, you might want to keep the rack in a dust-free location. Preferably, first place the wig in a wig bag, hair net, or plastic bag and then hang on the rack.

6. Plastic bag/air-tight container

Here is a great option if you happen to have excess plastic containers in your kitchen, which are not in use. Ziploc bags will also do the trick. Make sure they are dry, and after prepping your wig for storage, fold and place in either a Ziploc bag or your Tupperware.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Human Hair Wigs

1. Not prepping your human hair wig before storage

Storing dirty wigs give room for germs and bacteria to build up on the wig. To ensure your wig stays fresh and conditioned when you are ready to take it out of storage, first wash condition, and detangle.

2. Crumpling the wig before storage

Even though human hair wigs do not tangle as synthetic wigs do, crumpling your wigs before keeping them is bad storage practice. To avoid wearing out and tangling, fold your wig from ear to ear and lay flat in your storage box of bag.

3. Storing your wigs while damp

After cleansing your wig, it is important to wait till it is dry before putting it away. If you can’t wait till it completely airdries, then use a heat protectant and a blow dryer to hasten the process. When you store your wig damp or, even worse, wet, you make room for mold, mildew, and unpleasant smell.

4. Storing wigs in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can ruin your hair fibres in the long run by weakening them and dulling the colour. To avoid this, keep your stored wigs in places that are cool and dry, not exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

5. Piling several wigs

If you own multiple wigs, organised storage can be difficult. To keep each of them in good condition, however, never pile up wigs or store them in a single bag or box. Instead, use a rack, or place them in individual boxes and stack the boxes. Alternatively, you can keep them in individual bags and arrange them in your closet, dresser, or a large box.

Wrapping Up   

Proper storage is a vital part of taking care of your human hair wig if you want it to last long. And as we have seen in this article, you have several options for storing your wig. So, you can choose a storage method that suits your preference, budget, and lifestyle. Whichever you choose, you get to protect your hair from the elements, dust, tangling, and losing shape. And that’s what is really important.

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