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how to buy a wig first time

Buying & Wearing a Wig for the First Time – The Beginners Guide

If you are thinking about buying a wig for the first time, this guide is for you! Wigs are amazing accessories which glamour up your look instantly. They protect your hair from all the damage of styling and are a great way to minimize effort in your look. The best thing about wigs is, they […]

how to style a wig

How to Style a Wig – The Only Guide You Need!

How to Style a Human Hair Wig A wig can be a fabulous accessory; they are fashionable, versatile, and can add glamour to your look effortlessly. The first time you try on a wig, it can be jarring. Even after you select the perfect wig, the first time you see it on you, it can overwhelm you, but here […]

how to wear a wig

How to Wear a Wig?

Need some tips on how to wear a wig? One constant trend that keeps popping up on our social feeds is wigs made from real hair andvariety of colours of these wigs.We see colours such as pinks,blues,pastels and even silver colours that we felt was only for our grandmothers is quite a popular colour these […]

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