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How to Wear a Wig?

Need some tips on how to wear a wig? One constant trend that keeps popping up on our social feeds is wigs made from real hair and
variety of colours of these wigs.We see colours such as pinks,blues,pastels and even silver colours that we felt was only for our grandmothers is quite a popular colour these days, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian,Cardi B,Kylie Jenner etc  who have made this trend and colours so cool that everyone has moved towards this trend.The good thing about wigs is that is convenient to wear and takes out the long hours of putting our hair through dyeing that damages the hair.So if you would like to rock a new colour then a wig will be the way to go.And its not so hard to wear a wig once you know the type of wig to buy.Just read below and you should have a pretty good idea how to. Wigs is such fun to wear and it gives you the options to try out new hairstyles and various colours.


When it comes to wigs once you the colour type you are looking for, whats left will be to decide the cap type of the wig size and hair quality. There are various cap types but the most popular cap types are full lace wig and lace front wigs. Although when you’re purchasing your lace cap wig, make sure the lace matches your natural skin tone. If you need to darken or lighten the lace material, you can use your foundation or a powder similar to your skin tone to get the right color. You can also use a tea bag – the longer you hold the tea to the lace, the darker it will get. We know this sounds kinda odd, but women have been using this hack for years! A full lace wig is constructed from a lace cap that covers the whole head and the 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand,this makes it so versatile to wear while lace front wigs is made just with a lace on the front part,and its usually designed to a specific style,it can be less versatile than a full lace but it can be very realistic too.

When it comes to wearing wigs you need to be sure the wig fits properly other wise it can end up moving, all wigs should come with inside combs and adjustable straps that allow the wigs to stay secure, do make sure you ask these questions from the vendor if its your first time wearing a wig.Although the average wig size will fit most heads, the average size is a medium but sizes also come in small and large.To get the most accurate and perfect size,you can measure the circumference of your head (from the front hairline, behind your ear to the nape of your neck)

There are human hair wigs and synthetic wigs but we definitely recommend buying a human hair wig because its worth it and will last better than a synthetic wig.Human hair wigs also look very realistic although it requires more care because its just like your real hair.If you decide to go with human hair then use only the best hair products , you should only use products on your wig that are catered for dry, damaged hair, as the wig hair is not being naturally conditioned by the oils of your scalp.


how to wear wig

Firstly, you need to braid your hair as tightly to your head as possible, so that your hair isn’t bulky underneath the wig. We find doing two French braids is quick, easy, and comfortable. Once your hair is braided, you should clips the hanging plait in a circular motion, mimicking the natural shape of your head. Try to tame any baby hairs, combing them backward. This will help you conceal your natural hair. We like to use a toothbrush and hairspray to comb the hairs in place, as it picks up even the tiniest of hairs.

To note: The aim when it comes to fitting your wig is to hide your natural hair color as much as possible.

Start by adjusting the wig at the crown of your head, and then pull it round to the nape of your neck. Then secure the clip at the back of your neck.See the images below.

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