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Popular types of human hair wigs for women in 2022

Popular human hair wigs
Popular human hair wigs

Human hair Wigs are getting more popular these days and not only amongst celebrities alone. Gone are the days when wig talk used to be done in secret or conversation people are shy to talk about.

Almost everyone has caught on to this trend and they are not worn just during the Halloween period or festive seasons alone.

Wigs can be worn to look fashionable if you want to switch up your look and don’t want to go through dyeing or bleaching your natural hair or perhaps giving it a chop if you want shorter length hair for example.

Human hair wigs are also perfect for people who experience any form of hair loss or thinning hair.

It is best to know what type of wigs to go for, hair quality, style, etc to better make an informed decision especially if you are new to wearing human hair wigs.

Eternal wigs have a range of beautiful and affordable human hair wigs, we do offer over-the-phone consultation for clients as well.

When buying a human hair wig online it’s important to note there are few hair qualities on the market.

Human hair wigs are available in various hair types. There are quite a few options to choose from and amongst these options are hair types such as Brazilian hair, Indian Hair, European hair, Vietnamese hair. These are the most popular hair types on the market.

European hair is generally one of the most expensive hair quality because they are sourced from real European hair.

The other types of hair quality such as Brazilian hair, Indian hair are sourced from real virgin hair and Indian hair respectively. They can be dyed, permed and are of good quality but less expensive than a European hair wig

The two popular human hair wigs caps are full lace and lace front wigs

Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

Popular human hair wigs

Full lace human hair wigs are wigs that have knots tied directly to the lace and the entire cap is made of lace. Since this cap type is entirely hand-tied, it makes it more expensive than lace front wigs. This cap type creates versatile for styling.

Lace Front Human Hair wigs

Lace front human hair wigs are a cap type made with a piece of ventilated lace across the forehead. Lace front wigs are very breathable. Because the cap is just around the front parting only, it makes it less versatile to style but having said that, lace front wigs can still be styled in a bun, ponytails, side parts, etc.

Lace front human hair wigs are slightly cheaper than full lace wigs.

Popular human hair wigs

We did a round-up of the most popular human hair wigs and found that blonde colours are very popular. But the colour you decide to choose is entirely up to you.

A good advantage of human hair wigs is that they can be dyed. You can decide to change the colour if it doesn’t suit but before you purchase a human hair wig, we recommend you enquire if the human hair wig quality can be dyed. That’s the great advantage of wigs because you can switch up your look, colour or style.

All wigs come pre-styled already and styles can range from long hair wigs, short or bob human hair wig styles. Textures also vary from straight or wavy textures.

However, if a style does not suit, you can decide to restyle it. Because its human hair wigs, heat tools can be used on them and will not affect the quality of the wig in any way.

At Eternal wigs, we also offer custom styling, if you decide that the pre-styled texture or style doesn’t suit, we can create a custom length or style on any wig of your choice.

The short blonde wig is one of our popular human hair wigs,it’s a short bob will lovely blonde colour and comes pre-styled already


This lovely brunette wig is a lovely lace front wig with a gorgeous beach wave style. It’s 100% human hair. This wig can be worn in a ponytail, buns etc


This gorgeous blonde wig is a lace front wig in gorgeous loose waves, it’s 100% human has a preplucked hairline and clean bleached knots.


Human hair wigs are quite versatile and beautiful to wear. Whatever wig you decide to go for, choose a good quality hair type and colour and style that will suit your tone and face frame.

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