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How to Style a Human Hair Wig

A wig can be a fabulous accessory; they are fashionable, versatile, and can add glamour to your look effortlessly. The first time you try on a wig, it can be jarring. Even after you select the perfect wig, the first time you see it on you, it can overwhelm you, but here we give you the perfect guide on how
to style your wig and make it the absolute perfect fit for you.

  1. Gather All the Tools.
  2. To style your wig perfectly and with comfort, you need to first collect all the tools you’ll need for this. To not have any delays and effortlessly style your wig, we give you a list of must-have tools, which you will need.

  3. Wash and Condition Your Wig
  4. The first step is to wash your wig. Handle the wig with care, and avoid applying force while washing. It is a gentle process, and to prevent any damage to your wig, be careful to not pull any strands of hair. Remember to use a Sulphate free shampoo. Human hair wigs, do not regenerate and rejuvenate. They don’t have the natural oils of human hair; hence chemicals can have lasting damage on your wig,which you do not want. A Sulphate free shampoo helps to prolong the shelf life of your wig and prevent wear and tear. While applying conditioner to your wig, remember to not condition the roots of the wig.
    Protip – for the best wash, detangle your wig with a wide teeth comb before you wash your wig. 

  5. Comb Your Wig
  6. Once your wig is clean and dry, pick up a detangling comb. Don’t comb the wig, while it is wet, wait for it to dry before your start styling. To quickly dry up your wig, you can blow dry it as well. Start at the bottom of the wig, and detangle the knots. Work your way up as you keep detangle the wig. Do not comb the mesh at the base of the wig; this can structurally damage the wig. Gently comb through, and once detangled, run the comb from top to the bottom mildly to make sure, the wig is knot-free.

  7. Define the Part on Your Wig
  8. Once your wig is prepped, to give your wig natural look and a gorgeous hairline, you need to part your wig perfectly. There are two types of wigs, lace front wigs, and 360 lace wigs. A front lace wig will let you play with the perimeter around the front of your wig, you can style it in ponytails and you can section or part your hair at the front. Full lace wigs or 360 wigs have a little more area to play with. You can braid your hair, plait your hair, etc. it is more versatile in terms of styling.
    Protip – Customize your look by having a professional stylist with wig cutting experience to define the part, trim and shape your wig as per your preferred style.

  9. Cut the Lace
  10. Next, you need to cut the lace that comes with the wigs. Here are some of our tips to cut the lace for lace front and full lace wigs
    Lace front wig: A good start is to, decide a section that you want to part and create a natural-looking parting. Once you have decided where to attach the wig, outline the area of the lace, which will be in use and cut the rest, remember to leave a little extra before the final fitting, to be on a safe side. 
    Protip – Bleach your lace, to make it blend easily into your forehead. Bleach all the visible knots. This works for all skin tones. 
    360 Lace wigs: This has a wider coverage, and hence you can choose to part anywhere. You might need to use tweezers to adjust the wig properly. Once you have decided the style you want to go ahead with, attach the lace and cut the excess lace after final adjustment. 
    Protip – Use long fluid scissor strokes to cut the lace. You can also blend the lace with the scalp using a concealer.

  11. Apply the Wig

Start with securing your natural hair before applying the wig. If you have short hair not to worry, you won’t see any bumps. If you have medium or long length hair, you can braid your hair or use a wig cap to secure your natural hair and then firmly apply the wig. Use bobby pins to secure your wig to your hair if required. Use wig glue or wig spray, for added security. This will firmly attach your wig and you won’t have to worry about wig slipping from your head at all.
Protip – Use chinstraps, they secure your wig from both sides and hold the wig in place firmly, so you can style your wig with ease. 

How to Style Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic wigs can also offer a natural look and in fact it is the best choice for those with limited budget. But the synthetic fiber don’t have qualities of natural human hair and that’s why there are some things you need to know when styling a synthetic wig.

Ways to style your wig:

  1. Use accessories: to glam up your wig you can use hair clips, hairband, or a fancy scarf. They all act as perfect complements to your wig.
  2. Half up, half down: you can let the lower half of the wig flow, to give length and to not make it too messy use a hair tie or bobby pins to secure the upper half of your hair cleanly. 
  3. French braids: this is a chic way to make your look voluminous and elegant at the same time. Braiding is a classic. 
  4. Messy buns: buns make your wig look natural and flowing. A messy bun gives a stunning hairline and is easy and quick to do.